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September 28, 2006



I smoke everyday. It's pretty gross sometimes. I think smoking should be discouraged, particularly for children. I support 86 if it will help young people smoke less. Hopefully I'll start to smoke less too, because I don't have that much money and I don't know if I can justify spending much more money on an unhealthy habit. Dubliners and New Yorkers have been paying like $7 a pack for years. Cigarettes are cheap all over Asia, even in otherwise expensive cities like Tokyo. Drinking is another habit that can start to get expensive. However, I don't think an alcohol tax could ever get passed in California.

Kristen Coogan

I looked at the 'No on Prop 86' website and watched to two commericals. Propaganda as an institution is really interesting. This idea of manipulative communication (verbal & visual) dates back to centuries ago, and has had a lasting effect on how we are provided with and receive information. I think this post relates to your 'objectivty & subjectivity' post because it begs the question at what point is communication convincing...or subjective? (or not objective)



at the end of the story it says:“weiter zum zweiten spot” which means “second spot“.

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