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October 11, 2006


Florencio Zavala

It seems like you have really taken a stance on this. It definitely strengthens the work and keeps things unexpected/interesting. I wonder what visually can be explored from the other side of the border to influence further stages of these designs.

cameron ewing

great point. i am absolutely interested in exploring the 'other side' and hope to draw from the visual/cultural language. the next phase...if you will.


It was so awesome that you took this on!!! I am so sad I missed it, the effort and design are really awesome....

...so it makes me curious about the content. In the context of the studio, I loved the design and the images of what can be termed "ordinary" Americans - but for some reason, seeing these same images in Valencia give me a sort of...uncomfortable feeling. I don't know if I can put my finger on it - I felt protective of these images? That they would somehow be made fun of by the creepy skinheads we saw last year? That maybe the imgs themselves become patronizing of these "ordinary" Americans?

Don't know what that adds, but I absolutely can't wait for your next intervention. Great work!


So after thinking on it a bit, I realize that my feelings may have to do with 2 things:

1) scale: seeing these posters up close, and the portraits larger than life (or at least my head) gives me a more reverent feeling than how those faces seem dwarved against a car or moving landscape.

2) focus: when I looked at the posters in studio, all of my attention was centered on them, while in the environment, I feel that they are in a losing competition with all of the other distractions on a busy street.

cameron ewing

steph, i hear ya. lots of learning lessons trying this one out. the posters have a totally different read in the enviroment.

in the studio, the type read clearly, although it was a bit abstract. after a couple of passes it seemed to be legible (again, in a studio environment). when posted outdoors and viewed by car all you seem to be able to read is:


on foot there was a more palbable reaction. i watched a few pedestrians walk by and took notes on their reactions.

i too felt a bit strange about the imagery. appropriating faces. puting race on display without crystal clear intent is risky buiseness, and absolutely has the potential to cause ugly feelings.

i hope to work on this and in doing so hone in on the message as well as my accuracy with communication.

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